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Scandinavian Baths Tremblant

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Scandinavian Baths Mont Tremblant

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Scandinavian Baths Mont Tremblant
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Scandinavian Baths

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Feel the beneficial effects of the Scandinavian baths Mont Tremblant by alternating between a Norwegian steam bath, a Finnish sauna and whirlpool baths, followed by a quick rinse under the Nordic waterfall in one of our outdoor cold-water basins or in the Diable River.

While at the Scandinavian baths Tremblant, enjoy the solariums, relaxation areas and terraces. To fully appreciate the benefits of the nordic spa Scandinave, we suggest a two to three-hour visit. This spa Mont-Tremblant is accessible year round, rain or shine.

Widely recognized for their energizing and relaxing properties, there are many benefits associated with the Scandinavian baths. In addition to cleansing the body, they improve blood circulation and promote the release of endorphins, associated with feelings of "well-being" similar to a "runners high". More specifically, endorphins can help improve one’s physical condition and quality of life.

Scandinavian Baths - Body Warming
First , a body-heating process is initiated in order to cause surface blood vessels to dilate and increase blood flow to the skin. The eucalyptus steam bath, Finnish sauna or hot tub create a raised body temperature that ultimately causes profuse sweating and cleanses the pores.

Scandinavian Baths - Refreshing Rinse Stations
The second stage consists of closing the pores with a brief, but highly beneficial, cool rinse in a shower, waterfall, bath or plunge in the Diable River at any time of year.

Scandinavian Baths - Relaxation Areas
The final stage is designed to allow the cardiovascular system to regulate itself through a period of rest in the privacy of the relaxation areas, which include a solarium, a zero-gravity pavilion, hammocks, terraces and an outdoor fireplace.

View the Scandinavian baths Mont Tremblant sitemap for a layout of the spa.


*Please note: We are expanding our site, and will be adding a new steam bath, a new sauna and hot tub, as well as a new outdoor relaxation area. Despite all efforts possible to conserve a tranquil atmosphere on site, the guest experience could be affected by this construction. For this reason, there will be a special discounted  price offered from Monday to Thursday until December 21, 2017. There will be no construction in the evenings or from Friday to Sunday (regular rate will apply Fri.-Sun.) The discounted rate does not apply from July 22 to August 6 and on October 9th. 


Try our Tremblant in-room massage

Scandinavian baths access (18 yrs+)$50 /36$ *promo price

Important information

5 minutes fromTremblant resort. We are situated less than a 2-hour drive from Montreal and Ottawa.

For customers who choose to reserve in advance (recommended, click the "book now" button above), directions to departure points will be provided in your reservation confirmation by email. Otherwise, directions will be handed to you when you reserve at The Tremblant Activity Centre.


2 to 3 hours is suggested.

Opening hours

Daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Ironman 2017: Closed on June 25 and August 20.


Baths access, two towels and a lock. 

All our clients are automatically covered by Airmedic medical emergency helicopter evacuation, for the duration of the activity. For full details see the Airmedic page. 


For 10 people or more, please contact The Activity Centre for information about group rates (valid Monday to Friday only).

Please note

There are no reserved times for bath access. Simply show your reservation confirmation that we will send by email following your booking. This gives you access anytime between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. on the day indicated on your reservation confirmation.

In order to maintain a relaxing environment and to preserve the quality of your experience, access to the Scandinavian Baths may be limited, which could result in a waiting period during high season or weekends.

Beverages and light lunch are available at the spa. 

Consult our What to wear information page.


18 years old minimum. Bring your bathing suit, sandals and a robe if you wish.  Alcohol consumption is not recommended before the baths. Scandinavian bath activities may not be suitable for pregnant women or persons suffering from health conditions such as heart disease, respiratory problems, angina, hypertension or diabetes. 

Rates do not include taxes or mandatory resort royalty of 3% and may be subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions.






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