FAQ-Attractions Passport

How do I reserve my activities after buying the passport?

Call The Activity Centre to reserve at 819-681-4848

Do I have to reserve all my activities at once?

No, you can reserve throughout the summer. Just remember to reserve in advance once you know your dates! Some activities, like kayak rental fill up in advance, especially for holidays and weekends.

Can I do all my activities in one day?

No. We recommend taking a minimum of two days to have enough time to enjoy 3-4 activities. It doesn’t have to be done on consecutive days, they can be done all summer.

When do the passports expire?

The passports never expire, so you can do the activities next summer, or in the case of all-season activities (Escape Games, Laser Tag, VR, Paintball) you can choose to do them in the winter too.

If I purchase a passport that requires a minimum of 2 participants, do I have to buy 2 passports?

You can buy two passports, but it isn’t required. All additional participants can be purchased separately.

The dune buggy activity in the passports include 1 driver for 1 dune buggy. Additional passports will be for additional drivers on additional machines. If you wish to add up to 3 passengers for the dune buggy, you can do so with our reservation coordinators when you call to The Tremblant Activity Centre to reserve.

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