FAQ- Biking guided tours

When should I reserve?

Reservations can be made a few days in advance or even on the day of activity.

What should I wear?

Consult our What to wear information page.

Can anyone do this activity?

If you can bike, you can do this tour, so long as the requirements are met (age, height, weight). All our tours are of different intensity, choose the one that suits you best.

There are some tours with electric bikes. What is an electric bike?

There are many electronic scooters that not require physical effort and rarely have pedals.  Electric Bicycles are true bicycles, operation of the pedals is needed to progress further.  The battery of the Electric Bike sends its power to the motor, to amplify the movement of the pedals.  Therefore, the motor is limited in its assistance and does not distort the primary function of the bicycle.  While riding you can use the motor to amplify the performance by 25% to 300% of the power you deploy, essentially making the rider a “bionic cyclist”.

Is the helmet included?


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