FAQ – Rafting

When should I reserve?

A day in advance is sufficient. We have many rafts available but we need to know in advance how many people will use the transport we provide.

Is it safe?

There is an element of risk in all sports and here is how they are minimized: In rafting, security protocols are very strict. You will receive proper equipment, instructions and a guide accompanies you throughout the entire activity. In addition, there are kayakers following you, ready to help you if needed.

Can anyone do this activity?

The main requirement is to know how to swim. Then, depending on the experience you are looking for and the age of the participants, you can chose from our Family, Express or Full-day rafting.

Do I need a wetsuit?

Early in the season it is necessary although once the summer has begun, the water is warm enough to wear only bathing suits with a windbreaker and/or fleece. It is included during the whole season (except the boots (5$), available to rent onsite). You will need a photo ID to do so. Consult our What to wear information page.

When is the lunch served, and what is for lunch?

The Lunch (included in the family rafting and full days) is served after the first descent on the river (only 1 descent with the family rafting). It’s a good idea to have a snack before leaving for the trip. It is a simple lunch with a variety of sandwiches served with vegetables and juice. Dinner (included in the full days) is served after the 2nd decent on the river. On the menu, steak or salmon, served with salad, vegetables and rice or potatoes. For those with allergies or for vegetarians, please specify upon reservation and we will be able to accommodate your requests.

Where do I leave my things?

If you have taken the option with transport, you will be leaving your belongings on the locked bus.
If you have taken the option without transport, you may leave your bags in your car. You may leave your keys with the receptionist.

If I drive myself is there free parking and will they bring me back to my car?

Yes there is free parking at base camp. The rafting trip starts from base camp and heads upstream via bus. We return to base camp via the river.

Will I get wet or fall in?

Probably. Before getting on the water, those who want a rougher ride will be put in a different raft from those who want an easier ride. Even if you do not end up in the river, waves often wash over the entire raft. It’s all part of the fun.

How should I dress and what to bring?

Consult our What to wear information page.

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