FAQ – Watersports and Boat Rental

When should I reserve?

Our boat rental fill up days, even weeks in advance. Reserve early, best is at least 1 week in advance.

For our watersports, a few days in advance is sufficient.

What are the water temperatures of Lake Tremblant?

For example about 22C in August.

Do I need a wetsuit and can I rent a wetsuit?

Depending on the activity you are planning to do and the time of the year a wetsuit is recommended to guarantee that you enjoy the activity. You can rent wetsuits on site.

What is easier to learn, waterski or wakeboard?

Many people that have never done any board sport before experience problems with the cross position. Therefore (depending on your experience) it might be easier to start with waterskiing.

How much time of waterskiing should I calculate?

Unless you are used to waterskiing you should calculate 15min for each participant.

During a Watersport session, can we have passengers on the boat?

There will be a captain and the instructor in the boat. For waterskiing and tubing, participants wait on the floating platform. For wakeboard and surf, we can have up to 5 passengers in the boat.

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