When Should I reserve?

These are very popular activities. Reservations for weekends and vacations should be made 1 to 2 weeks in advance. For any other time, reservations should be made a few days in advance

For the canoeing. Is the river calm?

There is 1 very small set of rapids at the beginning that can be easily portaged, then current will move you along.

Can I do the self-guided canoe if it is my first time canoeing?

We don’t recommend it if you haven’t paddled a canoe before. Canoes require technique to manoeuvre. These techniques are taught on the guided tour.

Can anyone do the Via Ferrata ?

Yes, as long as you are ready for some moderate physical and balance challenges. If you can climb a ladder you should have no problem.

Is the guide always with us during the Via Ferrata ?

Yes, the guide will do the whole activity with you.

What is the difference between this and the Rouge River self guided trip?

  • The Diable River is narrower with less sun.
  • The Diable River is in a wilderness setting, so more chances to see wildlife. You will not be passing chalets and farms.
  • The Diable River has fewer beaches.
  • The Diable River has more bugs
  • The Diable River is further from Tremblant resort.
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