Tremblant Activities
Tremblant Activities
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Authentic Quebec Activities at Mont Tremblant

You don't have to look far from home for great outdoor adventures! Come and discover signature Quebec activities at the Mont Tremblant Resort and the Mont Tremblant National Park. All year round, Mont Tremblant offers a multitude of exciting activities for all ages. Located in the foothills of the oldest mountain range in the world, the Laurentians, Mont Tremblant National Park is the largest park in Quebec, encompassing a vast area of mountains, forests, and waterways, including 6 rivers, 400 lakes and countless creeks.

The park’s pristine natural beauty, its flora and fauna, as well as wide array of discovery activities have long attracted outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.

In summer, come for a Canoeing Excursion on the Rouge river or the Diable river in Mont Tremblant National Park. In winter, have fun Snow Mobiling, Snowshoeing, Sleighriding and Dog Sledding.


Canoeing & Kayaking Tremblant

Choose a self-guided or a guided canoe trip for an easy descent of the National Park’s Diable River. Canoe or kayak trips include canoe and kayak rentals as well as transportation upriver.

For the guided canoe trip on the Diable River you’ll have a park warden to guide you and share their knowledge throughout the trip. You’ll stop for a snack and a swim at one of the beautiful sandy beaches.

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'A day with a Trapper' (summer and winter)

Experience a day with a trapper with our guide Abigougiche, who will share his passion for animals and for the traditonal native techniques that were once used for trapping. Offered all year long.

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Snowmobiling Mont Tremblant

Experience the thrill of snowmobiling where the sport was invented! Explore the boreal forest trails in the upper Laurentians with various snowmobiling tours. The Nordic experience, with forest winding trails. The Moon light tour to discover how it feels to be in the wild boreal forest at night. Or the Private mountain tour, during which our guide will adapt the excursion to your abilities.

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Snowshoeing Tremblant

Various options are available: check out a Fire man Snowshoe tour, which includes the demonstration of native fire-carrying techniques. Or explore Domaine Saint-Bernard, a protected 600-hectare park with 13 kilometres of snowshoeing trails; try snowshoeing in Mont Tremblant National Park, with its 23 kilometres of trails.

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stag weekend mont tremblantHorse Drawn Sleigh Rides at Mont-Tremblant

Experience the magic of a horsedrawn sleigh ride, offered during the day or at night. We offer a group sleigh ride or a small private sleigh. It's the perfect activity for a fun Christmas celebration!

You can reserve a private sleigh for a special occasion!

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stag weekend mont tremblantDog Sledding at Tremblant

Chose from a number of exciting Mont Tremblant dog-sledding excursions. Enjoy the Mont Tremblant Diable adventure where you drive a sled through the valleys surrounded by stunning pine forests. Experience the dog sledding Forest Adventure, traveling through the forests and mountains with some fun climbs and descents Or try our Mountain Dog Sledding ride that takes place on varied terrain, through valley and mountains on wooded trails with hills and descents.

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