Stag Weekend Adventures at Mont Tremblant

Why not do something different and treat your friends to an outstanding Stag Weekend at Mont Tremblant that they will remember for years to come? Besides our famous skiing and golf courses, Mont Tremblant offers plenty of other activities to fire up a Bachelor Party.

Discover tons of fun outdoor activities to satisfy your adventurous side with a non-stop supply of adrenaline. We have hand-picked some of our best, most exciting activities for your Stag Weekend at Mont Tremblant:

Most Popular Outdoor Activities – Winter Guys Trip Ideas

Group events are a great way to enjoy the winter season with friends and family. Dogsledding and Snowmobiling are classic winter activities that are perfect for groups. These activities are perfect for creating lasting memories and enjoying the winter season with loved ones.

Most Popular Outdoor Activities – Summer Guys Trip Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to plan outdoor activities with a group of friends or colleagues. We have tons of options for outdoor group activities that can be enjoyed by guys of all ages. These activities offer opportunities for guys to explore nature, enjoy the sunshine, and bond with their crew.

Other Popular Outdoor Group Activities 

Still looking for guys trip ideas? Discover our other popular outdoor activities perfectly structured for groups. For those who prefer an active indoor experience, try our activities like escape games and laser tag.