Tremblant Activities
Tremblant Activities
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Zipline & Aerial Games Comparison


  Zipline Tree course at Tremblant Mega Zipline Trek Tremblant Mega Ziplines, Via Feratta and Rappel River ziplines - in the trees
ENVIRONMENT forest summit to summit above the trees summit to summit above the trees forest, river
EXPERIENCE games and medium speed short zips, up to 60 feet above ground high speed long zips up to 100 km/h up to 250 feet above the ground high speed long mega zips up to 100kmh  up to 350 feet above ground medium speed short zips up to 50 feet above ground
ELEMENTS 14 zips up to 120 ft long and 26 other games (highwires, tarzan swings, etc..) 5 ziplines (666 feet, 3051 feet, 3300 feet, 3500 feet and 1601 feet). 
Tandem ziplines (one parallel to the other) 
4 megaziplines up to 3000 feet long, a via feratta and a rappel cliff of 200 feet 18 zips up to 400 ft long, hand fishing and bison observation
PRICE 27$ to 47$ 99$ to 130$  55$ to 136$      37$ to 74$    
MAIN RESTRICTIONS min. 1m37 (4'6")    max.113kg(250lbs)

min. 7 yrs.

min. 34 kg (75 lbs)

max.125 kg (275 lbs)

min. 5 yrs for zips  min.12yrs for via-feratta and rappel    min.23kg (50lbs)  max.136kg (300lbs) min. 7 yrs    min.1m14(3'9")    max 113kg(250lbs)
DURATION 2 hour access 2-3 hours  3h (5h for mega combo) 1.5h approx
LOCATION Base of Station Tremblant ski hill Summit of Station Tremblant ski hill  35 minutes de Tremblant 40 minutes de Tremblant
EXTRAS Tremblant resort; restos, shops, activities Panoramic Gondola to summit (value +- 20$)
Flora and fauna and history of the area is presented. 
Tremblant resort; restos, shops, activities
Via feratta and rappel Horseback riding, wilderness survival courses, fishing and bison observation also on site
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