Our dogsledding activities accredited by AEQ

The following dogsledding activities are certified by AEQ (Aventure Ecotourisme Quebec)

Our dogsled activities strictly adhere to provincial and federal regulations, undergoing regular inspections. Holding permits with the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food (MAPAQ) ensures our compliance with safety, health, and canine welfare standards.

When you see this stamp on one of our dogsledding activities, it means it’s accredited.

As proud members of Aventure Ecotourisme Quebec, we uphold their rigorous Safety, Ethics, and Animal Health standards, subject to regular inspections. Furthermore, our dogs receive continual veterinary care, ensuring their well-being.

Our commitment to regulatory compliance and ethical practices guarantees a safe and nurturing environment for both our canine team and our guests’ unforgettable dogsledding experiences.

How many dogs usually pull a dog sled?

Breed, conditioning, time of the year, snow conditions, teamwork, sled weight, equipment used, and musher's expertise all play a pivotal role in determining dogsled team size.. It's a delicate balance where the number of dogs impacts the sled's speed, maneuverability, and pulling strength, ultimately contributing to a cohesive and exhilarating dogsledding experience. Team Composition: Determining...

How fast do dog sleds go?

In general, the speed of a dog sled can vary based on several factors, including the terrain, snow conditions, number of dogs in the team, and the skill level of the musher. But its about the speed of a relaxed bike ride. Recreational Experiences: Enjoying the Ride In recreational settings, dog sleds typically maintain a...

Is it difficult to get a sled dog to pull?

While the experience is thrilling, understanding the intricacies of getting a sled dog to pull effectively is essential for a smooth and enjoyable adventure. The dogsledding is a sport. Participants will be active during the ride. Challenges for Activity Participants For those embarking on dogsledding tours in Mont-Tremblant, the challenge lies not in physically persuading...

History of dogsledding in Canada

Dogsledding in Canada traces back centuries, initially used by Indigenous peoples for transportation and hunting. In the late 19th century, it became pivotal for mail delivery in remote regions. Today, it's a beloved sport and cultural tradition, embodying Canada's rugged winter landscape and heritage. Indigenous Origins: Dogs as Essential Companions Dogsledding in Canada traces its...