Dogsled Activity Comparison

Our dog sled tours offer diverse experiences based on opening days, environment (forest, valley, Mont-Tremblant views), activity duration, price, conditions, participant ages, and locations.

Each tour presents unique vistas, from lush forests to panoramic mountain views, catering to various preferences.

Whether seeking family-friendly trips or challenging terrains, our tours accommodate all ages and skill levels. With multiple locations, each tour promises a distinct and immersive dogsledding encounter, making every journey a personalized exploration of Mont-Tremblant’s stunning landscapes.

Diable Adventure

Nordic Adventure

Valley Adventure

Upper Laurentians


Adult 154$

Kid 96$
Adult 136$

Kid 132,5$
Adult 196$

Kid 126$
Adult 169$


Approx 1h

Approx 1h

Approx 1h15

Approx 1h30


Min. 16 years old to drive

Min. 3 years old in the sleigh
Min. 14 years old to drive

Min. 2 years old in the sleigh
Guide decide if 13 to 17 years old can drive

Min. 2 years old in the sleigh


Max. 204 kg / 450 lbs by sleigh
Min. 90 lbs to drive

Max. 204 kg / 450 lbs by sleigh
Min. 90 lbs to drive

Max. 204 kg / 450 lbs by sleigh

Max. 180 kg / 400 lbs by sleigh


1 guide per departure

1 guide per departure

1 guide per departure

1 guide per sled


7 minutes – in Mont-Tremblant

45 minutes – north of Tremblant

30 minutes – south-west of Tremblant

50 minutes of Tremblant


Fields and forest. Views of Mont-Tremblant

Forest and hilly terrain with lots of curves

Forest, somewhat mountainous terrain

Trails, forest and a bit mountainous


Dog grooming and treats
Hot cholocate

Kennel Visit (dog treats)
Hot cholocate

Kennel visit (dog treats)
Hot chocolate in a heated cabin
Light meal

Kennel visit (feeding the dogs)
Passengers Blankets

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How many dogs usually pull a dog sled?

Breed, conditioning, time of the year, snow conditions, teamwork, sled weight, equipment used, and musher's expertise all play a pivotal role in determining dogsled team size.. It's a delicate balance where the number of dogs impacts the sled's speed, maneuverability, and pulling strength, ultimately contributing to a cohesive and exhilarating dogsledding experience. Team Composition: Determining...

How fast do dog sleds go?

In general, the speed of a dog sled can vary based on several factors, including the terrain, snow conditions, number of dogs in the team, and the skill level of the musher. But its about the speed of a relaxed bike ride. Recreational Experiences: Enjoying the Ride In recreational settings, dog sleds typically maintain a...

Is it difficult to get a sled dog to pull?

While the experience is thrilling, understanding the intricacies of getting a sled dog to pull effectively is essential for a smooth and enjoyable adventure. The dogsledding is a sport. Participants will be active during the ride. Challenges for Activity Participants For those embarking on dogsledding tours in Mont-Tremblant, the challenge lies not in physically persuading...